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4AGE from $495, 3SGE from $750, 2LTE from $2100, 1GGTE from $950, etc. etc.
How many ads and websites do you need to read, only to be confused with so many prices for apparently the same stuff?
With so many different types of Jap import engines, it is sometimes hard to understand what's right for you.

Example. The ever popular 4AGE engine.

Early bare 86kw 4AGE engine $495 change over.

Same engine no change over, $750 outright.

Same engine with all required components to run $1450 (map, throttle position, water, cold start, air sensors, wiring loom usually cut just behind motor, computer, high pressure fuel pump, wiring diagram, flywheel, clutch, manifolds including exhaust flange, water accessories, alternator and brackets and engine mounts).

Same engine again for $1950 but this time completely hooked up and running on the ground on the electrics etc you get before the money hits the sales counter.

For the 100kw version, add $500 across the above prices.

For the 20 valve add $250 and half cuts are yet another variation, but not always the dearest. Reason being that it takes the longest for me to set up and engine properly on the ground, whereas it only takes five minutes to plug in a battery and fuel to show you a half cut running. But of course, there is a lot of work for you to strip out a half cut, of all the parts you won't need.

After deciding on the engine package that best suits you, then you have the gearbox.

And of course there are several different gearboxes that suit the 4AGE engine front and rear drive.
The common front wheel drive boxes, being common, we will usually throw in with an engine package, but the rear drive sprinter T5 box will come at an extra cost, basically because it is becoming very difficult to obtain (same old story of supply and demand).

As you can see, with so many possibilities just matching prices is really meaningless. You need to ask yourself:

What exactly do I get for my money?
Are all the parts I need really there?
Will you test and start the motor before I buy?
What about back-up service if I do have problems or queries?

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